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  • Frederick Street SW
  • Mashie Drive
  • Birch Rd
  • Ayr Hill Rd
  • Ninovan Rd
  • Miller Rd
  • Park St
  • 12th St NE
  • Pullen Lane
  • Nelson Dr NE
  • Leeland Dr
  • 15th St
  • Greenfield Rd
  • Colchester Rd
  • 7th St
  • Pine St, Oakton VA
  • Birch Rd
  • Hillcrest Dr
  • Stryker Ave
  • Plum St
  • Ross Dr Custom
  • 78th St
  • Ross Dr
  • Church St
  • Birch Street

    08/16/2019 0

    Located in Vienna, VA
    Built by: Monarch Construction

  • Glyndon Street SE

    08/16/2019 0

    Located in Vienna, VA
    Built by: Dunhill Builders

  • C Street NE

    08/16/2019 0

    Located in Washington, DC
    Built by: Connell & Schmidt Builders

  • Kingsley Road SW

    08/5/2019 0

    Located in Vienna, VA
    Built by: Cloud IX Homes

About MSEG

Not all engineering firms are created equal... New technologies and trends continue to emerge in the building industry every day... You need a structural engineering firm that is flexible towards the unique needs of your business and is focused on providing you a technical advantage to help edge out the competition.

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MSEG maintains active licensure in over 30 states. See map >

Residential Design & Structural Engineering Services

Moment Engineering + Design services include Specialty Engineer of Record (SER) with engineering services tailored to meet the uniqueness of your business, Custom Residential for new construction, renovations and additions, Green Building Components like solar collectors, green roofs, insulated concrete form construction and structural insulated panels

Structural Engineering Services

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