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Do Custom Builders only build one style of home?

Or put another way, “If I choose a Custom Builder, am I limited to only 1 style of home?” The answer is, thankfully, NO! A good builder or architect can design a home that fulfills your needs and in the style you like. Take, for example, these 2 custom homes built by Kingston Royce Homes.


These homes could not be more different on the outside. One is Neo-Traditional featuring a symmetrical facade on the main house, with a garage on the side. The wide front porch and accented gables harken back to the styles built in America for the last two centuries. On the other hand, a thoroughly modern house is shown in the other photo. The house lines are clean and unornamented, hallmarks of a deconstructed style of architecture.

A custom designer is conversant in several styles of architecture to create a home that functions well and meets the aesthetic desires of the client. And a good builder will craft a well made structure that will be just what you envision.

Let’s take a look at the interiors of these homes.

Front entrances can be formal with painted door and beveled sidelights and transoms, more traditional with a wooden door and clear sidelights or totally modern.


Rooms can be panelled with wainscoting, have an open space plan visually separated by columns or be completely open.   


Staircases can be elegant sweeps of fancy or float in space. 

Fireplaces that anchor a room can be modern black surrounds (as seen in one photo above), can have rustic river stone surrounds, or can be any combination.



And, of course, the kitchen area can be as large as desired with counter space galore, many storage options, pantries and butler areas. Your  imagination is the only limit.


At Moment Engineering + Design, we strive to bring to reality the home our clients see in their dreams.


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