Moment Engineering + Design

Green Building Components

Moment Engineering + Design services include:

Solar Hot Water and Photovoltaic Collectors

Site planning and installation are equally important. A solar collector consultant is required as panels must be located optimally, and systems engineered to maximize ROI and deliver power to specifications. We have experience with photovoltaic and evacuated tube solar collectors and a variety of connection details to help facilitate their attachment to your new or existing structure. Explore solar panel photos >

Green Roofs

Are truly green… they provide many benefits including protection of the roof membrane yielding longer material life, energy savings by decreasing roof surface temperatures and providing an extra insulating layer that is effective in summer and winter conditions and provides a protective environment that can be used to attract birds and butterflies. It is an innovative roofing alternative that saves energy and helps blend your living space with the natural environment. Moment Engineering + Design is experienced with many different types of green roof construction and can provide you the necessary details, structural evaluation and guidance necessary to help integrate into your project. Explore green project photos >

Insulated Concrete Form Construction

Growing in popularity, this construction method integrates insulation and structure, adding complexity to the engineering considerations and requiring the assistance of an insulated concrete form consultant. Concrete poured walls are formed by permanent insulated panels that provide continuous insulation on the exterior of the building envelope where it is most effective.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s)

This is a technology that has been around since the 1950’s, but only recently has become more mainstream in the building industry. In this method, the structural members (usually jumbo sheets of high strength OSB) are used to form a sandwich panel with a rigid foam core that is incredibly strong and has superior insulating properties relative to conventional stud wall construction. We have intimate knowledge of the SIP manufacturing process and the proper design and installation, and detailing requirements of these systems.

Remodeling and Home Design