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Specialty Engineer of Record

Whether you are the manufacturer of a proprietary cladding system, a fabricator of specialty building components, or working with any number of specialty materials or systems within the context of a larger building project…chances are a specialty engineer is required to bridge the gap between the certification of your product and the project architect and engineer of record.

This is where Moment Engineering + Design can help…we prefer to work with clients requiring this level of service on a local or national scale. We can become an extension of your in-house engineering staff, offering to assist them with prototype design, project review and certification, development of design standards and methodologies, and helping to streamline the design-build process so you can focus more on growing your business.

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We maintain active licensure in approximately 30 states and carry a minimum of $1M professional liability insurance offering an additional level of protection for you and your project. We pride ourselves in developing long term relationships with our clients and adapting to the specialized needs you require. Our knowledgeable staff and powerful design tools such as Autodesk ROBOT Structural Analysis Professional offer our clients incredible design flexibility and powerful structural modeling options to help give you an advantage over the competition.

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